Scrum Alliance Regional Gathering Tokyo 2013!!

Scrum Gathering Tokyo is back. About a year since the last gathering in Dec 2011, the Scrum Alliance Regional Gathering will be in Tokyo again Jan 2013.

We are glad to see Scrum in many books, case studies and news coverages recently.  But Scrum is all about people, learning and improvements.  Let’s meet together and share your experience to improve Scrum further.

We would like to welcome all of you who have interests in Scrum.  With Keynotes from Ikujiro Nonaka, Jim Coplien and Jurgen Apello.  This is a great opportunity to learn and improve your Scrum.

We are waiting for your attendance!!!

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Time Table

Date 15th and 16th Jan 2013
Keynotes Ikujiro Nonaka – Professor Emeritus at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy
Jim Coplien – The father of Organizational Patterns, Scrum Foundation
Jurgen Appelo – NOOP.NL, “Management 3.0”
Seats Available 150 seats for each day
Venue Akihabara UDX2min walk from JR/Tsukuba Express/Tokyo Metro Akihabara Stations
3min walk from Tokyo Metro Suehirocho station
Cost 1-Day Ticket:26,250 JPY、2-Day Ticket:42,000 JPY (Tax included)
Host Scrum Alliance Regional Gathering Tokyo 2013 Committee

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Who should attend

  • CEOs, CIOs, managers and leaders considering adapting Scrum
  • Scrum Masters, Scrum Product Owners, Scrum Coaches and Agile Coaches
  • Learners and Practitioners who want to improve
  • Anyone who want to start implementing Scrum in your team

Keynote “Phronetic Leadership and Agile Scrum — Leaders in Organizations that Continuously Creating Innovations”

Professor Emeritus at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy

The co-authored paper “The New New Product Development Game” 1986 in Harvard Business Review had a deep impact on the origin of Scrum.  The word “Scrum” is from that paper.

His bibliography includes “The Knowledge Creating Company” 1995, “Enabling Knowledge Creation” 2000 and “Managing Flow” 2008.

Keynote “Buy or Build: where did your agile come from” James O. Coplien

“Agility” in Danish is a performance sport done by trained dogs. While training and pedigree papers have certainly found a place in agile’s software namesake, good agile practice should be more in the hands of
the Team than the Trainer. The current agile journey that focuses on certification around some ideology, or on aligning several ideologies under an uber-ideological umbrella, urgently needs a mid-course correction. This keynote renews the vision of a Kaizen-based approach to Scrum in particular and process improvement in general, and a shift in focus from what is a facts-and-knowledge-based approach to agile based on certification and scored surveys to an introspective and experiential approach based on games.

Jim Coplien is a well-known author of books on programming, design, and Agile organizational structure. His work on organizational patterns is one of the early foundations of the contemporary Agile disciplines. He continues to work closely with the Scrum community, to advance object-oriented software architecture and architectural patterns, and to support organizational development in software organizations world-wide.  He is now working on building “Scrum Patterns”.

Keynote “Agile Management – Learning From Software Development” Jurgen Appelo

Most managers know that organizations are complex adaptive systems. But few understand what that means for the way organizations should be managed. Complexity thinking suggests that a diversity of conflicting perspectives is more valuable than a uniform approach. It explains that continuous improvement requires exploration, not just anticipation and adaptation. And it says that most innovation happens through exaptation, which means changing existing ideas to fit a new context. Successfully managing businesses in the 21st century requires understanding how to manage complexity. This talk sketches how agile management can improve decision making – and what managers can learn from software developers.

Jurgen Appelo is a writerspeakertrainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, developer, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, and… Dutch guy.

Since 2008 Jurgen writes a popular blog at, that covers topics including Agile management, software engineering, business improvement, personal development, and complexity theory. He is the author of the bookManagement 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders, which describes the role of the manager in Agile organizations. And he wrote the little book How to Change the World, which describes his new supermodel for change management. He is also a speaker who is regularly invited to talk at business seminars and conferences around the world.

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